Yacht Crew Agency ( Recruitment Agency )

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Our Engagement Fee for providing a Client/Employer with a member of Crew ( the term "Crew" to cover all grades of Personnel, e.g. Captain, Chef, Deckhand, etc. ) for their Vessel, is a once-only Fee of 30% of one month's salary. In the unlikely event of the Crew proving unsatisfactory, a replacement shall be provided at no additional Fee. Prices are inclusive of any applicable VAT and there is no processing fee.  Payment of our Invoice should be at Date of Engagement, either by Bank Transfer in any currency, or by UK based cheque account in UK £Sterling. As we are a UK based Company, the Client is required to send us the following details of the employment to be offered - likely commencement date, estimated duration of the employment, pay offered and intervals at which it is to be received, scheduled days off and holidays where appropriate, length of notice which both worker and Client are entitled to give, and details of travel arrangements that shall be made to take up the employment. In accordance with the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 all Crew are required to formally Register with us via our website, completing the Registration Form giving their full name, passport details, and their home address - and forwarding us their full CV details, scanned work references, and scanned Certifications to include their STCW95 and valid ENG1. No Fees are payable to Sea Gem International by the Crew for Registration or for any Employment they secure via our introduction. Should the Client, or the Clients Company, or owning Company, have no establishment based in the UK, we also require a brief statement from some responsible person that the proposed employment should not be detrimental to the interests of the Crew. Although we take care that the references and previous career of Crew applicants is rigorously checked, final responsibility for suitability of the Crew lies with the Client. The Crew should only be Employed with a Maritime Labour Convention 2006 approved Seafarer's Employment Agreement, both the Client/Employer and the Crew to retain a copy of the completed Employment Agreement, signed by both the Client/Employer and the Crew. The Crew is directly in the employment of, and payment by, the Client, Sea Gem International being classed a Recruitment Agency. Sea Gem International and any representative of the Company, also accepts no responsibility for the conduct of the Crew, or for any possible damage they might cause, either to the Client's Vessel or elsewhere, once they are in the employment of the Client. We hope this meets with your approval, please contact us for any clarification or further detail required.


Proprietor: Rodney P. Aird-Mash.